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4th Congress of Aesthetics Skills, Riccione

On 2 and 3 March 2012, the 4th Congress of Aesthetics Skills has been held at Riccione Congress Centre. Renowned international professionals have stimulated a debate at the highest level on the subject of dental aesthetics.
The event has been organised by the International Centre for Dental Education and has been an unmissable opportunity to hear the big names in Dental Aesthetics, including Nikolaos Perakis, Michel Magne, Christian Coachman, Galip Gürel, Frank Spear.

The Rosso Rienzi Laboratory, always attentive to the greatest experts in the sector and keeping its co-workers fully up to date, has participated in the meeting in order to study the proper therapeutic approach; indeed, aesthetics is the starting point for each dental procedure and is thus the result of highly technical and personalised work.