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Cranial asymmetries, complete dentures and the occlusal function, the R.O.F. bite splint – An in-depth course

Starting from the existing relationship between some formal features of dental arches and the osteopathic features of development of cranial bones, the course held by the prosthodontist Giorgio Borin, expert in occlusion-postural and neuromuscular issues, aimed to reconsider the causality between “form and functionin fixed and mobile orthodontic and prosthetic rehabilitation. It is clear that an individual approach is necessary, in order to prevent relapses or articular problems.

As demonstration, the attendees could learn from practical examples the details of the construction of wax rims and dental arches in complete dentures.

The course focused also on the construction of the R.O.F.® bite splint (Functional Occlusion Rebalancer) and on the study models M.A.F.O.® (Analytical Models of the Occlusal Function), designed by Giorgio Borin himself.