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The digital evolution at the service of the Dentistry Team: From spatulas to 3D printers

Dr. Massimo Scanferla (odontologist) and Mr. Roberto D’Ambrosio (prosthodontist) shared their experience and knowledge about the topical issues of digitalization and 3D printing applications in dentistry and prosthetics during the event of October 9th in the Fagagna Museum of Rural Life “Cjase Cocèl”.

The Rosso Rienzi Dental Prosthesis Laboratory has the technological equipment to respond to requests that involve CAD CAM technologies, intraoral scanners and 3D printers, and the attendees of the training event have had the opportunity to better understand the importance of teamwork between clinic and lab to improve the quality of the work, also in the digital field.

The following topics have been addressed:
- Teamwork between lab and clinic as guarantee of success
- Overview about operation of CAD CAM systems, their features and properties of some materials
- Comparison between modern digital systems and traditional workflow
- Examples of hybrid, traditional and CAD CAM “outside of the box” methods
- The laboratory’s modern approach to CAD CAM technologies
- 3D printers: history, evolution and application in dentistry
- Digital technology as a way to improve communication
- Digital workflow: clinic-lab “interaction”
- Digital approach in the dental practice
- Why digital impressions
- Overview about systems and their operation
- Totally digital clinical cases