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We study needs, we consult our customers, analysing advantages and disadvantages, benefits and investments. The result: advanced products, excellent quality-price ratio, happy dentist. In the Laboratory we work like this because we feel and we would like to be considered partners, able to propose and identify materials and forms suited to improving the lives and faces of people.

On the basis of these principles we work in the three main areas of dental technology: mobile prosthesis, fixed prosthesis and orthodontics. We pay particular attention when carrying out prosthesis on implants, a field in which over the last few years the Laboratory has developed high level knowledge and techniques. All work is undertaken with the maximum accuracy both in the planning stage, on the basis of the clinical specifications provided by the dentist, and at the implementation stage. The use of cutting-edge technical equipment, together with the use of perfectly biocompatible materials, guarantees a high standard of precision.

All workmanship follows the procedures set by the applicable standards, in particular the regulations established by Directive EEC 93/42 on medical devices, transposed in Italy in February 1997 with Legislative Decree 46/97 and its subsequent update 2007/47/EC. Attention to the legal aspect is also one of the fundamental values of the conduct of the Laboratory with all the aspects arising from it, in particular as regards the traceability and workmanship labels, which guarantee the product and all work done on it.